April 2015

  1. Definitions. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, “Personal Data” are a natural person’s name and data enabling to identify them (name, personal ID code, date of birth), the data of their identification document, contact data (address, e-mail, telephone number), a bank account number and other personal data that have become known to Barking OÜ. If not stated otherwise in these Terms and Conditions, other words and word combinations written with a capital letter have the definitions provided in Barking OÜ’s General Terms and Conditions.
  2. Processing of Personal Data. Processing of Personal Data is any action performed with Personal Data, including collecting, storing, ordering, preserving, changing and disclosing, granting access to, making queries of and preparing excerpts from, using, forwarding, cross-using, merging, closing, deleting or destroying Personal Data, or several of the aforementioned actions, regardless of the manner of performing the actions and the means used to perform them.
  3. Purposes. The main purposes of processing Personal Data are to identify Parking Spot Holders and Users, to communicate with Parking Spot Holders and Users, to enable Barking OÜ’s performance of the obligations undertaken with the General Terms and Conditions and to enable Barking OÜ’s provision of the Service, to forward offers of Barking OÜ’s products and services, to administrate and analyse the customer base for the improvement of availability, range, quality, etc. of services and goods, to ensure the fulfilment of payment obligations, and to make offers, organise campaigns and conduct customer satisfaction surveys, as well as to ensure the fulfilment of payment obligations.
  4. Use of other sources. In addition to the Personal Data provided by Parking Spot Holders and Users, Barking OÜ shall have the right to verify and supplement the Personal Data of Parking Spot Holders and/or Users from public sources and other lawfully accessible sources.
  5. Forwarding. Barking OÜ co-operates with persons to whom it can forward (and from whom it can query and receive) data, incl. Personal Data related to Parking Spot Holders or Users in the framework and for the purpose of the relevant co-operation. Such persons may be companies conducting customer satisfaction surveys, debt collection service providers, credit registers, IT partners, persons mediating or providing settlement services, postage services or other services and goods, and other such institutions and organisations. Barking OÜ shall not transfer, rent or give into use in any other manner the data related to any Parking Spot Holder or User to any third party.
  6. Data subject’s rights. Upon the processing of Personal Data, the Parking Spot Holder and the User have all the rights stemming from the Personal Data Protection Act.
  7. Preservation. Barking OÜ has the right to record all notices and orders given via communications means (e-mail, telephone, etc.), as well as information and other actions, and to use such recordings to prove the orders or other actions if necessary.
  8. Processing of Personal Data. A Parking Spot Holder or a User has the right to file a complaint concerning the processing of their Personal Data at any time, including to request the cession of the processing of their own Personal Data, the cession of the disclosure of or provision of access to those Personal Data, and/or the deletion or destruction of the collected data, if such right stems from the Personal Data Protection Act or any other legislation. If a Parking Spot Holder or a User finds that Barking OÜ has violated their rights upon processing their Personal Data, they shall have the right to turn to Barking OÜ with a request to cease the violation. A Parking Spot Holder or a User has the right to turn to the Data Protection Inspectorate or a court at any time, to protect their rights.
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